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Misop Baynun

One Duct Road

The "One Duct Road" album from Misop Baynun is a collection of songs from quite an array of stylistic sources.

Some acoustic blues, some alternative rockers like "All For Not", and even a country tune called "For A While".

Contains the smash rock tune, "Rottweilers". A favorite song of dog lovers, people in general, and renowned music critic, Paul Schlosberg. "Got my Rottweilers, and that aint all."

Contains the blues song, "I Love You Louisiana". The acoustic blues rendition of "I Love You Louisiana" was recorded along with "Look at Me" and "It's a Dog's Life" at the legendary Charles Frommer loft sessions at Charles' loft located near the Pine Street Inn.

The haunting love balled "You Got No Right" with the phantom backup vocal part still screams on. It's a song about one lover that calls out, "You got no right, not to love me" and then goes on to discuss the point further.

Many of these songs are played by quite an array of stylistic musicians who play along with Misop. These musicians include James Weston (Drums on Rottweilers, You Got No Right, All For Not, It's a Dog's Life, I Love You Louisiana, There's No Money in Dying Alone, Look At Me and Shake), Chris Fujiwara (Bass on All For Not and There's No Money in Dying Alone), Kevin McDonough (Rhythm Guitar on Rottweilers), Mike Reddish (Bass on Rottweillers), Chrales Frommer (Alto Sax on It's a Dog's Life, Bass and Sax on Look At Me), John Eck (Rhythm Guitar on Shanke) and Jon Paul (Bass on Shake).

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